X-Ray & Imaging Services

With onsite X-rays and advanced imaging services, Perfect Health can quickly diagnose your illness or injury - and get you started on a treatment plan that’s right for you.
Plus, same-day appointments, convenient hours, and affordable prices mean you can feel better, faster.

X-Ray Services Offered at Perfect Health

Below you can find answers to commonly asked questions about X-ray images and urgent care services at Perfect Health. We are proud to perform our treatment differently through a patient-focused lens that can offer both immediate care and long-term health solutions. Whether you need help finding radiologic technologists to determine if you have broken bones or you’re looking to treat other impairments, the team at Perfect Health can help assist you and provide accurate patient results.

How Much do X-rays Cost?

The cost of an X-ray can vary based on your insurance coverage and where you go. One study found that the price ranged widely - as low as $41 to a high of $285 for a chest X-ray. The most affordable place to go for imaging services included urgent care centers.

How Much Does it Cost to get an X-ray Near Me?

At Perfect Health, X-rays can be as low as $10-50, depending on your insurance and if your impairment is covered. We will work closely with you to help determine your coverage options and what your out-of-pocket cost will be. And if you don’t have insurance - don’t worry! We offer discounts for cash payments and are happy to work out a payment plan. You can also become a member [link to member page] to receive discounts on care - today and in the future.

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Do You Need a Doctor's Order for an X-ray?

Yes, you do need a doctor’s order for an X-ray. Perfect Health also accepts orders and referrals from surrounding providers. You don’t have to see one of our physicians if you received your imaging order from your family doctor. We are happy to honor referrals from other practices, and we are here to provide you with quality X-ray services and professional medical advice.

Where Can I Get an X-Ray Near Me?

If you're wondering where to get an x-ray, All three Perfect Health locations offer onsite imaging services. We have three convenient locations in Evans, Grovetown, and South Augusta that offer this medical procedure.
Walk-in to any office - no appointment necessary.

Perfect Health - Evans

4244 Washington Road, Evans GA 30809

Perfect Health - Grovetown

307 W Robinson Avenue, Grovetown GA 30813

Perfect Health - Augusta

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Our Partnerships in the Community

We understand that finding affordable, convenient medical services can be overwhelming - especially when you’re not feeling your best. That’s why we partner with many different organizations, like Augusta University Medical Center, to help connect you with reliable care so you can get a professional medical advice diagnosis. One of those partnerships is the Radiology Assist Program.

What is the Radiology Assist Program?

The Radiology Assist Program connects individuals with affordable imaging services providers. They help you find X-ray, MRI, CT and PET scans across the nation at a fixed price. To become a member, you pay a flat rate fee for services, and Radiology Assist helps you schedule an appointment.

How do I Schedule an X-ray Through the Program and how Long Does it take?

Visit the Radiology Assist Program website to schedule an appointment with a provider in your area. Appointments are scheduled the same day. You can typically get your X-ray the same day or the next day.

Do I need a Physician Referral for the X-ray?

Yes, you will need a valid physician referral to schedule an appointment through Radiology Assist.

Where can I get an X-ray?

You can have your digital X-ray performed at the facility that’s convenient for you. Perfect Health serves patients in Evans, Grovetown, and Augusta.

Can I get an X-ray at Urgent Care?

Yes, urgent cares - including all three of our locations - offer X-ray services. In addition to this testing, our walk-in clinics offer a wide variety of other services including in-house EKG testing, pinkeye treatment, sports physicals, care for the flu, coronavirus testing, confidential STD testing, and much more immediate care services and medical tests. We also offer weight loss services in Augusta and weight loss in Evans, GA 

Find Experts in Digital Radiology

Perfect Health is a team of medical professionals committed to providing quality, immediate care to medical procedure patients. We believe in listening to our patients so we can respond effectively with the proper diagnosis and discuss potential accommodations related to the injury or illness.

In addition to treating acute illness and injuries, we also have medical weight loss tools to help kickstart the process and make it easier to keep weight off. We can use both digital and non-electronic means to collect user data and help form a plan for patients uniquely tailored to their weight loss journey.

Whether you need digital X-rays, immediate care, or additional services, look to the team at Perfect Health. We are here to listen to you, see how you respond to treatment, and work with you so you can feel your best. 

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