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Perfect Health offers COVID testing at all three locations.

COVID-19 testing is a hot topic in our local community, as well as throughout the state of Georgia. As cases rise, it’s important to know where testing sites are available so you can protect your health and help improve public health.

If you’re concerned you have a COVID-19 viral infection, gain peace of mind knowing that Perfect Health has reliable testing options, all of which are available from an experienced health care provider. Here, we share information on local testing options.

Testing for COVID-19 Infection

There are two types of tests – rapid results and lab testing. During both of these tests, a thin swab will be gently inserted into your nose. This allows the swab to absorb secretions, like mucus. Genetic material of the virus can be found in these secretions.

Rapid results COVID testing

Rapid result testing typically provides test results the same day of your visit to a local clinic. These tests use antigen testing to check for active infection.

Lab tests

Laboratory tests use polymerase chain reaction (PCR) testing. Samples collected for lab evaluation are usually sent away to off-site labs. It may take 3 to 5 days, and in some cases longer, to receive your test results. Research does suggest that laboratory results may be more accurate than rapid results.

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Drive through COVID testing

During your visit to a local drive-thru site, you will be asked to stay in your car at all times. This helps reduce the spread of the virus and makes it easier for you to get the care you need. A health care provider will administer the test through your window. You may be asked to administer it yourself or have someone else in the car do it for you.

Typically, drive-through testing is available only by appointment. Check your local site for additional information.

Antibody tests

People who have been infected with COVID may have antibodies in their blood. These antibodies help fight off infection and may help keep you from being infected by the virus again.

An antibody test uses a small blood sample to check for antibodies. A provider will collect your blood, either by a finger prick or by drawing blood through the arm. The blood sample is sent to the lab to check for virus antibodies. 

How much does COVID testing cost?

The cost of testing can vary based on why and where you receive care. Typically, it is covered by insurance or the federal government. However, in some cases, you may receive a bill. (Tests for work or travel may not always be covered.)

Perfect Health offers many payment options to ensure you receive the care you need during your visit. This includes payment plans and memberships, which offer discounts on care. 

Where to get COVID testing

COVID-19 continues to spread across the United States. When you need it, Perfect Health has testing available at each of its three locations in Evans, Grovetown and South Augusta. 
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