TRICARE Authorized Urgent Care & Military Healthcare

Perfect Health is a TRICARE authorized urgent care clinic. We are a network provider for active duty military, family members, retirees and all TRICARE Prime, Select and other plan holders.

Dependants are not required to have pre-authorization for a Perfect Health Urgent Care visit 
At Perfect Health, our providers offer trusted care for acute injury and illnesses, helping you get back to good health. As an urgent care provider, we treat non life threatening conditions, including:
· Allergies
· Minor sprains and strains
· Ear infections
· Strep throat
· Flu
· Urinary tract infections

Best of all, you don’t need a referral to visit any of our locations. Our clinic is an authorized network provider for all TRICARE plans.

Urgent Care Center

Our TRICARE urgent care center seeks to be an affordable and well-staffed option for patients needing immediate care. At Perfect Health, we strive to ensure our patients never have high copays or sit in the waiting room for extended periods of time. Our TRICARE authorized urgent care centers are a leading solution for patients looking for quality healthcare at the right price. Perfect Health provides patients with the following services:
· X-rays, labs, and medications
· Treatment of most acute illnesses and injuries
· Experienced urgent care providers
· Membership options 
An urgent care center is ideal for those who do not need to visit the nearest emergency room. Our urgent care centers treat issues such as allergies, body aches, bronchitis, flu symptoms, respiratory infections, urinary tract infections, sinus infections, and more. If you believe you are experiencing a medical emergency, call 911 right away. In non-life-threatening situations, you can seek civilian urgent care from one of our TRICARE locations. When visiting our centers, TRICARE beneficiaries or those enrolled in a TRICARE health plan may receive additional TRICARE benefits. Contact us today to learn more.
Please remember, urgent care must not be used during an emergency. Call 911 to receive lifesaving care for serious injury, illness and conditions, including heart attack or stroke.


Visit One of Our Three Locations
Augusta, GA
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Grovetown, GA

Walk-ins welcome
No appointment necessary

Office Hours
Open 7 Days a Week

Evening and Weekend Hours
Monday-Sunday: 8 a.m.-8 p.m.

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We accept new patients

TRICARE Authorized Urgent Care Center

At Perfect Health, your care is in good hands. Here, you can access the care you need – when you need it. We have three convenient locations with office hours that make it easy to be seen on your schedule.

TRICARE Network Provider of Urgent Care Services

As a TRICARE authorized urgent care provider, we offer network urgent care to policyholders and their dependents. This includes:

· Active duty service members and military
· Retirees
· Family
· And any other beneficiaries who use your policy

You do not need a referral to seek medical services at Perfect Health.

Does TRICARE Standard Cover Urgent Care?

All TRICARE plans cover urgent care for TRICARE beneficiaries. You have the option to visit an urgent care clinic instead of a doctor’s office. Perfect Health offers network urgent care for all TRICARE plans, including Prime and Select.

Can TRICARE Prime Members Go to Urgent Care?

Yes, TRICARE Prime Members can seek care at urgent care clinics without a referral. You, your family or other dependents have the option to use the services and care available to diagnose and treat acute injuries and illnesses.
Please call 911 for a medical emergency. Urgent Care clinics are best suited to treat non-emergency health concerns.  

How Much is Urgent Care with TRICARE?

The cost of services at an urgent care clinic vary depending on your coverage and diagnosis, and if it’s in the network. Our providers will work with you to provide an estimated cost and can help make additional financial arrangements, such as a payment plan. Costs may also be higher if you visit a non network provider.

What is a TRICARE Authorized Provider?

A TRICARE authorized network provider indicates that Perfect Health has completed authorization to offer care for TRICARE Prime, Select policy holders, their family and all other dependents under any TRICARE plan.

Can an active duty soldier go to urgent care?

Yes! Active duty service members and active duty family members are welcome at TRICARE urgent care centers. TRICARE has plans tailored to active duty members, including TRICARE prime remote and other options. Depending on your assignment, service regulations, and the care you require, you can find a plan that works for you. If you are seeking urgent care overseas, a quality military hospital, or a defense health agency, you can work with a TRICARE overseas program contractor to find what you need.

TRICARE members must seek care at an authorized network provider. 

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